Current Faves!

Hello everybody! I thought for my first real post I would do something fun that gives you an idea of what my life is like. I really enjoy the idea of doing a “favorites” post and talking about some of the things that are making my life better! This will just be me showing you my current favorite things in life as of right now. It may be a food, a certain makeup product, an app, just whatever I am currently loving! Let’s get to it!

    1. So, to start off, I am really obsessed with Dunkin’ but a couple of weeks ago I IMG-5213went to Starbucks and decided to try a new drink and I absolutely fell in LOVE. It is called the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and it is seriously so good and I honestly haven’t been to Dunkin since I have discovered this drink! It isn’t super sweet and I think that’s why I love it. You can actually taste the coffee, not just the vanilla flavoring and sweetener.IMG-5220
    2. So this next one has honestly been quite the lifesaver. My hair tangles so easily and it is the absolute worst! I have tried so many different types of conditioner but nothing has really worked as well as this stuff. It’s called 25 Miracle Milk and it’s made by Mizani! Also, it just smells really good and it’s supposed to be great for your hair so even if you don’t really need a detangler, I HIGHLY recommend.
    3. This next one is one of my favorite purchases ever for a few different reasons. So, I watch a lot of YouTube, and I mean a LOT, but I have never cared to buy anybody’s merch. But I have always loved Adelaine Morin’s merch, you know the “Girls Supporting Girls” merch thIMG-5234at everybody loves! I have wanted it for a while but never actually decided to buy it until she came out with light pink one for October only. And it wasn’t only the fact that it was pink that made me buy it, but I saw that a percentage of the sales were going towards Breast Cancer Research and that was honestly enough to make me buy it! Also, I am a sweatshirt hoarder so that might also be part of the reason I bought this.
    4. Alright this one is going to be the last one but it is by far my favorite. I got a new phone! I decided to spend way too much money and get the iPhone Xs Max  because before I had gotten this, I had the iPhone 7 and my battery wasn’t the best anymore, the camera wasn’t really living up to my standards and basically I decided to blow my money on this pretty much just because I can! All of the pictures in this post were taken on my new iPhone but just in the regular mode, so I will have to do a post about how much I actually love the “portrait mode” sometime soon!

      I hope you guys enjoyed this post! xoxo


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