Hello 2019!

So, we’re already almost a month into 2019 and I’m just now deciding to make a few resolutions. Actually, I don’t really like calling them resolutions. Barely anybody ever follows through on their resolutions so maybe these will just be called my ways I would like to improve my life this year. Anyway, here are a bunch of different goals that I plan on achieving in order to better myself during 2019.2019

  • Fix my judgemental thoughts — To be completely honest, sometimes I am a bit judgemental. I don’t really say any of my judgey thoughts out loud, but overall I would like to become a less judgemental person towards myself and others. Instead of when I think of judgemental thoughts and I correct them, I would like to not have the thoughts in the first place.
  • Put more effort into my schoolwork — I do care about school, but honestly I know I haven’t been putting as much work into my classes as I am capable of. I know that I am able to put in more work and I definitely plan on doing so this year. I need to ask for help when I need it and make sure I am staying focused.
  • Going out of my way to do things that make me happy — I don’t do a whole lot with the sole purpose of making me happy. I want to make time at least once a week to do something that will genuinely make me happier. If I know I want to write one day, then I will. If I know that relaxing will make me happy, then maybe I’ll take a bubble bath. I just think everyone needs to treat themselves every once in a while, and I don’t really do enough of that.
  • Do more to make Chad happy — While it is important to do things that make me happier, it is also important to do things that make others happier too. If my boyfriend wants me to play a video game, I’ll say yes! If he wants to watch a movie that I think is boring, I’ll just watch it. The small things count too.
  • Be more willing to give — I would love to give in many different ways. If I can, then I want to give my money to people or charities that need it. On my days off I want to start giving my time by volunteering at places that need the extra help. When there is a topic I’m knowledgable on that someone needs to know about, then I will give them help. There are many different ways than just giving money and I would like to do whatever I can.
  • Improve my morning routine — I always have the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning. Then once I finally get up, I move so slowwllllyyy when getting ready. I would love to get up earlier and start my day off happily because usually when I have a good morning, the rest of my day is just as good.
  • Improve my skincare routine — Honestly, I barely have a skincare routine right now and I would love to change that. I’ve been trying different moisturizers and toners and other things but I want to find more that works well with my skin and makes me feel more confident when I decide not to wear makeup.
  • Take more pictures — I love looking at pictures from years ago and remembering the moment that the photo was taken. I also just love taking pictures and I don’t know why I barely do it. I just want to remember to take more pictures in the moment so I have my happy memories captured forever.

I could have made the really basic resolutions like work out more, eat healthy, or save more money but those are overrated and I now have goals that work for me and that will really benefit my life. I hope this list inspires you to make goals that will work for you the way these work for me or that you decide to steal some of these and use them for yourself. Happy 2019!

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