My Experience In Haiti

So, I haven’t posted anything in a while and I don’t really know how to start this, but I am going to do a blog post today that is sort of like me journaling. I wanted to post more about my Haiti trip from alllll the way back in August and kind of talk about what it was like. Not just what I did necessarily, but more about how the trip was as a whole and what it made me feel and all of that fun stuff. This post might be long so just bare with me please!! 🙂

First, the day we left we had to be up early and I honestly was in a good mood. We had kind of an annoying dude working at the airport but it didn’t really bother me. The only thing that was making me nervous was the airplane because I really don’t like flying. Usually when I’m on an airplane I am sitting next to my little brother and the thing that gets me through it is me faking it to make him feel better, but he wasn’t there and I’m a wimp!

When we got there right away I noticed how pretty everything was. The scenery was great and I was just excited for my first time being out of the country. The airport was different, the scenery was different, the weather was different. I enjoyed seeing everything that I wasn’t used to because I wasn’t ever able to experience that before.

So, we left the airport and the first thing I noticed was that the traffic there is freaking crazy. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that!! Nobody really wears seatbelts either but I also didn’t really see any accidents. Everything seemed wrong, but I guess they’re doing something right there? Some of the days we would have long rides on the bus, but it was pretty amazing looking out the window there so I didn’t really mind it.

The places we stayed during the week were nice for what they were. I wasn’t expecting something nice at all, the places we stayed were actually nicer than what I was expecting. Everyone was so nice and hospitable and I really felt welcomed. Throughout the week I got to meet a few people. The guide and translators we had were honestly amazing and I felt so blessed to be with them for my time in Haiti.

Not only did I get to connect with people from another country though. Through this trip I was able to connect with people so close to me that I had never really talked to before. I was so happy to be there with every single one of them and was so happy to bond with each of them in different ways. Even though we had meetings leading up to the trip, I didn’t really feel bonded with any of them until I was actually on the trip with them and seeing them every day for a week!

I am farrrrr from being an extrovert. I like to keep to myself and I don’t feel the need to talk to others about my feelings and I don’t open up to people often, but the people in this group really made me feel comfortable enough to let out some of what I was feeling. Speaking in front of a group is seriously not my thing, but around them it didn’t seem as scary. Well, one night they made me sing Taylor Swift by myself in front of all of them and that was ummm not one of my favorite moments on the trip!! Lol. There were thoughts shared with them that if I wasn’t forced to speak up then they probably never would’ve left my journal.

There was a lot going on during that trip so I sort of just had to write it down in my journal and move on, and then when we got back home I moved on with my life. Yes, I talked about it a little with people who asked me about it and I would give a short summary of my trip, but even if someone had asked me to dive deeper into it I don’t know that I would’ve been able to up until recently. I didn’t really give myself time to process everything and to be honest I didn’t even look back into that journal for maybe two months because I knew there would be a lot of emotions and I like to hold back on things that make me feel strong emotion because I am not one who deals with emotions well. 

Now that I am able to look back on the trip and think about everything I can go into it a little bit further. The hot weather honestly made me feel like crap during most of the trip, so if I ever went back I wouldn’t do it in the Summer. I am not someone who likes heat, especially how it was in Haiti in August, so being there when it was that hot seriously made me regret going. I am obviously so thankful now that I did that, but in the time I really did not want to be there.

When I tell people I went to Haiti, they automatically say “Why?” or something with a negative tone. Everyone thinks of the negatives when I mention Haiti, but now being there I am so happy to let people know of all of the positive things that people don’t really think of. One, sure there is garbage everywhere and whatever but I was able to look past it and see the beautiful scenery: the ocean and mountains and beaches.

Something else that I would’ve never been able to experience is the food. It was just different there. Let me start by saying this, mangoes are my jam. They are my favorite fruit and I love nothing more than just eating a mango. THEY ARE DIFFERENT THERE. They are better and I don’t really know why, but if I were ever on the fence about going back in the Summer, I would probably face that heat again for a mango. They do different things with plantains there and I have had plantain chips before here, but whatever they are doing over there, they’re doing it right. There was breakfast spaghetti too? It was dope. I don’t really like meat that much, and maybe it was just because I was exhausted once night hit but I ate a whole lot of meat and actually enjoyed it. I think it was our last morning though that there was a goat that had been outside for a while on a rope that got taken to the back of the house and I knew what was going down back there. We left that day so I didn’t have to eat that goat so yeah. Made me kind of sad and I’ll probably never be over it, but it’s fine! Also, rice and beans every night!! Loved that. 

Something I also realized when I was there that there are so many things that we take advantage of. Things as simple as having warm water or even running water at all, having somewhere to throw your trash, having working air conditioning, having good roads and ways of keeping everyone as safe on the roads as possible, having good and reliable schooling, and there are so many more that are basic things to Americans, but things aren’t the same everywhere and that trip really taught me to count my blessings and be happy that when things go wrong, they could really be worse. I don’t have to live with cockroaches everywhere, I can take a long hot shower if I want, and even the fact that I was able to go to another country to do what I can to help! 

Even if when I went there the only thing I did was make someone smile, I am happy I went because who knows, I may never be able to experience that again. I had the opportunity to travel somewhere with a wonderful group of people, learned some words in Creole, and was able to do things that not everyone gets to do.

Also, if you haven’t read my past Haiti blog post click… here 🙂


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