College Student Necessities!!

Another new semester is coming up really soon, like super soon… I actually start back on Monday! And I have been trying to get myself prepared for this new semester since I am going to be at a new school and will be taking harder classes. I wanted to share things that have helped me in the past when going back to school and that will help me this year with school and could help someone else. Here’s my list of college necessities that are used by an actual college student! 

  • So, I have used soooo many different types of planners because every year I want to try a new one, but I always end up coming right back to my favorite. Erin Condren planners are pretty much my favorite type of planner I have used. I love that there are different ways to customize, personally I love the hourly layout because I like to see my entire day laid out in front of me hour-by-hour. They also have such fun designs. You can either get them from Amazon or you can go to their website and customize them evenmore!
  • Something to go along with my planner are these pens that write beautifully and make everything look nice with so many different colors. They are called detail-doodlers. If you can get past the silly name, then you’ll see how awesome these pens are. I got them for Christmas and honestly they have been a game changer for me!
  • Everyone raves about the amazing Hydroflask, but as a college student I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on one.Instead I found the brand Simple Modern on Amazon and have been using this water bottle that is basically the exact same thing as a Hydroflask, just without being crazy expensive. The only complaint is that it is too big to fit into my car’s cup holder, but it doesn’t spill so I just put it in the passenger seat and don’t worry about it. I have the 40oz Summit water bottle and I also got a straw lid separately from it, but still the same brand because I just love the feel of a straw lid rather than taking the entire lid off to drink from it. Having this has also made me more motivated to drink more water throughout my day!
  • So, in high school I loved getting a new backpack every year, but senior year I got this backpack that was literally perfect. It’s from Under Armour and has the right amount of pockets and the perfect space for my laptop. I got mine in the hot pink color, but you can do whatever you want (pink is the best though). I just think that having the right backpack is really important because it’s hard to get good grades if you can’t stay organized. (I actually got mine so long ago that I can’t even find it on the website anymore so here’s the closest one to what I have).
  • There is an app that I have been using for the past couple of years that has really helped me keep track of all of the things I need to get done for my classes. It is called Homework Pal and it is so simple and you just put in the name of the assignment, the due date, and the class it is for and it organizes everything by date for you and color codes it by class as well.

I really hope you found this to be a helpful post and that this was informative and can help someone have a better start to their semester!


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