My Random Thoughts While Watching The Bachelor This Week

I watched the most recent episode of The Bachelor last night and wanted to make a random post with all of my thoughts just for fun so here it is:


I haven’t always been a big fan of The Bachelor. I always wanted to get into it, but it wasn’t until the past couple of seasons that I actually started to realize how fun it is. Now, my posts on my blog usually aren’t like this, but I have some strong feelings that I just need to get out there! Lol. This season has been sooo full of drama and it is honestly kind of exciting even though I know that some people aren’t so into the drama. Anyway, here are some random thoughts I have had from the last few episodes from the show in no particular order or anything. Super random, but for some reason my opinions are so strong about these things! Lol.

  • Maybe this is a controversial opinion, I don’t know, but Kelsey is acting normal!! I would cry so much if I was falling in love with a guy and he was making out with 12 other women, whether I signed up for that or not!
  • Tammy is a BULLY. She seems to know how to create drama from literally nothing. As if one day she wakes up and goes, “yeah, I think I’ll start a rumor about someone being an alcoholic and a pill popper.” Also, I was very confused about the Mykenna drama because Tammy basically came up with that out of nowhere and Mykenna didn’t deserve it. Also, when Kelsey stood up for Mykenna it made me like Kelsey a lot more.
  • I was surprised about who the roses went to in this last episode. I was not expecting Sydney to go home since they seemed to have a great time on their date.
  • Mykenna has been my favorite since day one. I am not sure why, but I liked her the entire time and I totally understood why she felt as if it was a waste of time and she was packing her bags before the group date. Her facial expressions are the best and I was proud of her for standing up for herself to Tammy!
  • Victoria F. isn’t ready for marriage and that is ok but that means she should probably just go home. Also, it was kind of funny for her to point out that Peter hadn’t said anything about her birthday.
  • I really thought Victoria P. was going to last a little while longer because in the beginning they seemed to have a good connection and everything was working out until that Alayah stuff happened.
  • Kelley is way too mature for Peter and she doesn’t belong there. I feel like she doesn’t have strong feelings for him like in the beginning anymore. But it was kind of weird for her to point out that she’s really mature even though it was true!
  • I don’t know why Peter would keep her for that extra couple of hours if he knew she wasn’t going to get a rose after that two-on-one thing.
  • Hannah Ann is one of my favorites as well and I thought it was weird how Peter reacted to her saying she’s never been in love before even though she told him she has been in a committed relationship. He was overreacting in my opinion.
  • Honestly the only person who I can see him actually ending up with at the end of this season is Madison. He seems to not care about the drama when he is with her. She is probably winning this.


I wasn’t planning on posting anything today but this was fun anyway so thanks for reading!! 🙂


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