This post is all over the place because I was just in the mood to write out some of my feelings.

With everything happening in the world these past few months, I really haven’t wanted to write anything even though I really love to write. Instead, I have been trying to use my time to really educate myself and figure out the best way to support the things that really need support. I have been trying to do things like support local businesses because they are really getting screwed during the pandemic, and I know that they really need help. I have been trying my best to keep up on the best ways to protect myself and others since I am back to work and I know I am going to have to be around a lot of other people during this time. Something even more important to me that I have been doing, though, is trying my best to support the Black Lives Matter movement. I have signed petitions, sent emails, donated my money during a time where I did not have a job, and I have been trying my best to support through spreading the knowledge I have acquired whether that be by posting on Instagram and Facebook, or just talking to people about it in general. I have people who now think I hate all cops, think I am racist towards white people (???), or who just straight up think I am dumb because they choose to stay close-minded rather than trying to let me try to further explain in a way that could help them, or for them to try to educate themselves on the topic by doing a quick Google search. I have been trying my best to support people in any way that I can, and some things I have learned from that are:

  1. Some people are never going to change their opinions, and sometimes that means they are going to continue to be ignorant and sometimes you just have to let it go. I continue to try to get through to some people, but I just have to accept that it is not always going to work.
  2. Sometimes supporting a cause you believe in will make people hate you, and that is ok because then those people do not deserve to be in your life anyway.
  3. Not everyone fully does their research before speaking on things, and it is pretty easy to spot when having a conversation with them.
  4. You really cannot make everyone happy. I would love to be able to please everyone, because I am 100% a people pleaser, but in some cases that just cannot happen.
  5. There are some people that you really need to just cut out of your life because they are bringing you down. No person is worth your mental health.

The last couple months I have been overly emotional and I am not sure if that is because of the pandemic, seeing racist things being posted all over the place, just general depression, or a mix of all of the above (yeah, that’s probably it). When I feel that way, it is pretty difficult for me to keep my opinions to myself, because I really feel the need to speak my mind. Something that I will never be silent about is the Black Lives Matter movement. I believe that everyone needs to see the things that are happening in the world and face the fact that black people are treated with injustice all the time, and we as white people just keep letting it happen. Whenever I try talking to people about it, they seem to get very defensive, and I honestly take that as a sign of them being racist and they either don’t realize it, or don’t want to admit it. I am sick of having to defend the fact that I am an ally of the Black Lives Matter movement in my Facebook comments because I see no reason for others to not want to be supportive of the movement, and I am sick of people not going out of their way to educate themselves. This is a very real thing happening in the world. There are so many sources to be able to further educate yourselves on why the Black Lives Matter movement was so important. This is something that I will continue to talk about forever because the only reason that anyone should ever stop talking about it, is if racism is completely gone and everyone in the world is treated equally and given equal opportunity. Jesus loved everyone. He helped the people who needed it. Anyone who considers themselves to be Chrsitians and also has hate in their heart for others, you need to think about how Jesus would want you to treat others. Here is a fun picture I found while scrolling on Facebook:

Please do not let Black Lives Matter be a trend, keep it going for as long as it takes, because there are lives at stake and the world needs big changes, not just right now, but in the future as well. I know my blog posts usually aren’t like this, but if anyone wants to see things like what my college essentials are right now, or all of the white claw flavors ranked, or silly things like that, then I need to be in a better state of mind because those are things that I just cannot do yet. Thanks to all of my friends and family who actually read this! It really means a lot.

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