What it’s Like Being a College Intern

            As most college students do, I have decided to take on a summer internship. I didn’t necessarily do it because I wanted to, but here I am, and I’m glad I ended up doing it. I think my title is technically Social Media and Public Relations Intern, but we all know that interns are doing way more than just what their title says. So, if I had to give myself a title, I’d say I’m the social media, public relations, marketing, tech, and document/spreadsheet creator intern. The only thing I don’t actually do is the stereotypical coffee runs that you see in the movies and TV shows!

            Basically, I work for a real estate broker, and I do all of her social media stuff, including writing on her blog. On top of that, I also create spreadsheets and documents used by her and the other employees in the office. That part sometimes makes me a little nervous because I feel like I can’t be trusted to create an important spreadsheet to be used office-wide, especially spreadsheets that are actually going to keep track of important information, but it is what it is. Plus, I’m the youngest in the office, so if there is any sort of issue with a computer, they ask me to fix it, and I typically can because the problems are usually something like, they can’t figure out why they can’t see the pop-up window on their computer, and it’s because there is a pop-up blocker that I can fix in literally two seconds.

            So, anyway, what’s it like being a college intern? Well, I’m doing it during the summer term, but I’m also taking summer classes, so for a while, it was pretty difficult because I was pretty busy. Plus, I have another job, so I have been juggling two different jobs, which actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be if I’m being honest. One thing about being an intern that’s weird is that you have to work really hard. No matter how much you hate the job, you have to stay for at least that term because you need the credits in order to graduate. I was lucky enough to find a paid internship, which is a rare find, so I knew that I had to keep this internship no matter what. 

            I would say that the process of finding an internship was actually more difficult than the actual internship itself. I applied to a whole bunch of internships at one point and only got an email back from a few. Then when it was really time for me to figure it all out and actually start my internship, I had two to choose between. There were a few factors in deciding which internship to take, but the main thing was that this internship was paid. I probably would have taken an internship that paid $2 an hour because that is still better than the $0 an hour at every other place I applied. 

            Taking on an internship is an essential part of the college experience. This is the only time during college that you’ll probably be earning experience worthy of putting on your resume. Plus, you get a chance to experience a little bit of what life looks like post-grad, working in your future career field. Or maybe you even learn from an internship that this is not the right field for you. There are many important things about having an internship that can turn into valuable life lessons and that can help guide you through the rest of the college journey.

            Going into my last semester of college feels very strange because since I was five years old, there hasn’t been a time besides summer that I haven’t been in school. Going into an office every day and working on things that I’ll probably be doing as a part of my future career has been very exciting and has given me serious senioritis. 

            I took a long break from writing on my blog, but I think I’m going to start back up again because I realized that I like writing and I want to write more, and this is my favorite place to post the things I write about. Also, if you want to see the blog where I write for my internship, here’s the link: https://www.lisafabianohomes.com/blog/

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