My Name is in the Baseball Hall of Fame??

I know it’s been a while since I have written a blog post, but I’ve just been super busy with work and school and now it’s finals! Everything is crazy for me right now. Anyway speaking of school, I recently had to do a research speech and the topic I chose was actually something based on my family history!

Fun Fact: My great grandpa played for the Chicago Cubs! Another Fun Fact: I was named after him!

Hartnett Gabby Plaque_NBL

So, I never actually met him but I have heard some stories which led me to do some Googling and reading on him. So this post is going to be about where my name came from! (Google me, you won’t find anything about me lol).

Let’s start off with this, he was born December 20, 1900 and joined the Chicago Cubs in 1922 and played with them until 1938 and then played for the Giants until 1941 and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1955! So, let’s talk about why he is in the Baseball Hall of Fame! Overall he was a really good player, but one story that I know of because my family always talks about it is the “homer in the gloamin.'” Basically, it was September 28, 1938 and they had two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning and they had a 5-5 tie. It was also very gloomy out and nobody could really see anything. If it got any later or daarker they were going to have to cancel the game and redo it all over again another day. Gabby Hartnett is up to bat and the game is completely on him and he gets the ball pitched to him, can’t really see anything and BOOM he hits the greatest homerun in the history of the Chicago Cubs. All of the fans went cray cray and yay they won.

Another little something that I did a bit of research on was Gabby Hartnett during Babe Ruth’s called shot. He was the catcher during that 1932 World Series Game 3 shot. I’m just going to give you the run down on the information I have gathered from this. So, Babe Ruth basically pointed down center fieldwith his two fingers and yelled something about where his shot was going to go. Well, guess what. I don’t believe it. According to Gabby Hartnett and Charlie Root (the pitcher), Babe Ruth is full of bologna! He had two fingers in the sky only because he had two strikes and he was pretty much just yelling nonsense. Okay, so obviously I was not there so I wouldn’t know about the whole Babe Ruth things, but I thought it would be fun to tell these stories in my own way. Now you can do your own research if you would like! Just Google “Gabby Hartnett.”

Here is a picture of me posing next to the sweet Gabby Hartnett brick! If you want to see the post I made of this on Instagram my handle is just gabbyhartnett 🙂


(Seriously, these stories are how I would tell them to a friend or soemthing and if you want the real hardcore facts, just google them.)

Thanks for reading!


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