My Tips for Dorm Life…

Basically, I lived in a dorm for one semester at ISU and while I didn’t live there for very long, I did somehow become floor president and I do have some tips for dorm life. Here’s what I learned in my 4 months of living in a dorm.


  1. Choose a good roommate! I love the roommate I had, but there are some people who end up having issues with their roommates. Try to meet them before rooming together.
  2. Live close to a dining hall. I loved being able to wake up, go downstairs, and eat right away. Honestly, college kids are lazy and nobody wants to actually leave their building for dinner or a late night snack.
  3. Keep your door open. This may seem weird, but honestly we kept our open and actually went room to room to meet the people on our floor and it was such a good decision because we ended up making friends!
  4. Lock your door from the OUTSIDE. This way you can make sure you won’t be locked out of your room since you have your key.
  5. When you aren’t in your room make sure your door is locked! Nobody is responsible besides you for when someone goes into your room and steals your new laptop or favorite pair of shoes.
  6. If you are living in a tall building, which I did, you will want to live on a floor close to the bottom. Nothing is worse than having a long day of class and then having to stop at 6 different floors just to get to your room.
  7. The college I went to was a dry campus, meaning that even if you are over 21 there is absolutely no alcohol on campus. So, if you are in the same situation just do NOT drink in the dorms!! Go off campus if you want to do that, but if you are drinking in the dorms, you will most likely get caught and there is no point when you can go somewhere else and do it.
  8. Decorate it however will make you feel comfy. You will most likely get homesick but you will feel much better if you are in a space that makes you feel better about your situation.
  9. Before you move all of your stuff in, check the room for any issues like holes in the wall, scratches, anything broken, etc. because if you can’t prove those things are not your fault at the end of the year when someone sees them, you will be fined!!
  10. Make sure you have a loft kit even if you are not planning on using it. You may get there and realize you need space under your bed and need to loft it even a little bit.

These are just some of my tips for anybody who is moving into a dorm room soon! I hope these help 🙂

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